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 Acronims and Abbreriations

What is:

מילון מונחים וקיצורים טכניים

מה זה:


A   Availability
A&ER Ammunitions & Explosives Regulations
Aa Availability (achieved)
AAR After Action Review
ABOL All Burnt on Launch
ABRO Army Base Repair Organisation
ABSDA Ammo Div Army Base Storage and Distribution Agency Ammunition Division
ACA Ammunition Container Assembly
ACD Agreed Characteristics Document
ACEATM Aimed Controlled Effect Anti-Tank Mine
ADP Automated Data Processing
AE Age Exploration
AECMA Association Européenne des Constructeurs de Matériel Aèrospatial
AESP Army Equipment Support Publication
AFP Approval for Production
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Ai Availability (Inherent)
AIS Acceptance Into Service
ALARP As Low As Reasonably Practicable
ALC Alternate LSA Control Number
ALDT Administrative Logistics Delay Time
AMS Acquisition Management System
ANSI American National Standards Institute
Ao AoMA Availability (Operational) Analysis of Maintenance Alternatives
AOR Annual Operating Requirements
AP Armour Piercing
APB Acceptance Procedure Book
APLS Advanced Procurement and Logistic Systems
AR&M Availability Reliability and Maintain-ability
ASA ArmySchool of Ammunition
ASCAIPS Army Scaling and Cataloguing Authority Initial Provisioning System
ASD Ammunition Support Date
ASTRID Ammunition Technical Management System
AT Ammunition Technician
ATE Automatic Test Equipment
ATMP All Terrain Mobile Platform
ATO Ammunition Technical Officer
ATP Air Technical Publications
ATR Acceptance Test Report
ATV All Terrain Vehicle
ATV(P) All Terrain Vehicle (Protected)
AWES Area Weapons Effects Simulators


BACS   Bankers Automated Clearance System
BAFO Best and Final Offer
BC Biological and Chemical
BCS Baseline Comparative System
Bde Brigade
BDR Battle Damage Repair
BGTU Battlegroup Training Unit
BIT Built-In-Test
BITE Built-In Test Equipment
BOM Bill of Material
BPI Build Point Indicator
BST Basic Skills Training


CA   Container Assembly
CA   Criticality Analysis
CAD   Computer Aided Design
CADMID   Concept, Assessment, Demonstration, Manufacture, In-service, and Disposal
CAGE   Commercial and Government Entity
CALS   Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support
CAM   Computer Aided Manufacture
CATT   Combined Arms Tactical Trainer
CB   Biological and Chemical?
CBA CBIL   Combat Body Armour Common and Bulk Items List
CBoM CBT   Configuration Bill of Material Computer-Based Training
CDL   Chief of Defence Logistics
Cdo   Commando
CDP   Chief of Defence Procurement
CDR   Critical Design Review
CDRL   Contract (Contractor's) Data Requirements List
CD-ROM   Compact Disc – Read Only Memory
CE   Concept Exploration
CEG   Career Employment Group
CENTREM   Centralised Repair Item
CES   Complete Equipment Schedule
CFC   Chlorofluorocarbons
CFE   Contractor Furnished Equipment
CI   Candidate Item
CIF   Cost, Insurance and Freight
CIL   Candidate Item List
CIRPLS   Computer Integration of Requirements, Procurement, Logistics and Support
CITIS   Contractors Integrated Technical Information Services
CLS   Contractor Logistic Support
CM   Corrective Maintenance
CM   Configuration Management
CMCP   Configuration Management Control Plan
COBRA   Cost, Schedule & Performance Measurement Tool
COEIA CONUS   Combined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal Continental US
CORIPD   Correction of IP Data
COSHH   Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations
COTS   Commercial Off The Shelf
CPL   Customer Price List
CPS   Cardinal Points Specification
CRIP   Crisis Resupply from Industry Procedure
CS   Confined Space
CSDB   Common Source Database
CSL   Configuration Status List
CSN   Catalogue Sequence Number
CSNIPD   Catalogue Sequence Number Initial Provisioning Data
CSP   Contractor's Spares Package
CST   Collective Skills Training
CVR(T)   Combat Vehicle, Reconnaissance (Tracked)
CW   Combat Weapon
CWG   Capability Working Group
CWR   Common Weapon Replica
CWS   Common Weapon Sight

DA   Direct Attack
DA Design Authority
DACC Dangerous Air Cargo Committee
DAR Defense Acquisition Regulation
DARIUS Drawing and Raster Images for User Support Systems
DC Document Code
DCA Defence Codification Authority
DCDS(S) Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Systems)
DCF Directorate Cost Forecasting
DCV Disassembly Code Variant
DD Data Dictionary
DD Design Disclosure
DDN DDP  Delivery Dispatch Note Declaration of Design and Performance
DEAMS Defence Equipment Acquisition and Materiel Support
DED Data Element Definition
DEF STAN Defence Standard
DEME Director Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
DESO Defence Export Services Organisation
DFWES Direct Fire Weapons Effects Simulators
DG ES (Land) Director GeneralEquipmentSupportLand
DI Development Item
DID Data Item Description
DLO Defence Logistics Organisation
DLSA DLSOR Director Land Service Ammunition Depot Level Source Of Repair
DM Data Module
DMC Data Module Code
DMP Document Management Plan
DMRL DMSMS Data Module Requirements List Diminishing Manufacturing Source and Material Shortage
DoD Department of Defense
DOR Director of Operational Requirements
DOSG Defence Ordnance Safety Group
DP Distribution Point
DPA Defence Procurement Agency
DPDB Deliverable Publication Data Base
DQT Design Qualification Test
DQT Development Qualification Trial
DR Design Repository
DR Drill Round
DR Design Review
DRACAS Data Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System
DROPS De-mountable Rack Off-loading and Pickup System
DS Design Specification
DS Development Specification
DSS Data Selection Sheet
DSSSL Document Style Semantics Specification Language
DTD DTD Document Type Definition Data Type Description
DVAL Demonstration and Validation
DWG Dossier Working Group


e.g. EA   example gratia Environmental Assessment
EAC Equipment Approvals Committee
EAC Estimate At Completion
EAC MLA European Accreditation of Certification Multi Lateral Agreement
EC European Community
ECC Equipment Capability Customer
ECI Equipment Care Inspection
ED Environmental Damage
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport
EDM Electro Discharge Machining
EED Electro Explosive Device
EI End Item
EIAC End Item Acronym Code
ELD Electronic Documentation
EMA Ease of Maintenance Assessment
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
ERV Electronic Repair Vehicle
ESD Electro Static Discharge
ESM Equipment Support Manager
ESPD Equipment Support Policy Document
ESS Environmental Stress Screening
ESTC Explosives Storage and Transport Committee
ESTC Explosives Safety & Transportation Committee
EU European Union
FACO   Final Assembly and Check Out
FAI First Article Inspection
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
FBSS Flash, Bang, Smoke Simulation
FBU Flash and Bang Unit
FCA Functional Configuration Audit
FD Full Development
FD Fatigue Damage
FD&P Full Development and Production
FDD Forecast of Delivery Dates
FF Failure Finding
FFOP Failure Free Operating Period
FIRU Fault Isolated Replaceable Item
FIST Future Infantry System Technology
FLQ Functional Limiting Quality
FM Failure Mode
FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
FMECA Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis.
FMI Failure Mode Indicator
FOSI Format and Output Specification Instance
FP Full Production
FPDB Final Publications Data Base
FQR Formal Qualification Review
FR FRACAS Failure Rate Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System
FS Feasibility Study
FS FSR Further Support Field Service Representative
FSI Functionally Significant Items
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
FTR Fit To Receive


G & A   General and Administration
GFE Government Furnished Equipment
GFF Government Furnished Facility
GFI Government Furnished Information
GFM Government Furnished Materiel
GPTE General Purpose Test Equipment
GSTP General Staff Training Publication
GWSO Guided Weapon Safety Officer


HASAW   Health and Safety At Work
HC Hazard Code
HCI Human-Computer Interface
HCI Hardness Critical Item
HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank
HF Human Factors
HFE Human Factors Engineering
HFI Human Factors Integration
HFT Higher Formation Trainer
HHA Health Hazard Analyses
HM Her Majesty
HQ Head Quarters
hr hour
HSE Health and Safety Executive
HT Hard time


i.a.w. In Accordance With
I&KP Instructor and Key Personnel Training
IC Information Code
IC Indenture Code
ICC Item Category Code
ICN Illustration Control Number
ICV Information Code Variant
ICY Interchangeability
IDE Integrated Data Environment
IDT Indoor Trainer
IETM Interactive Electronic Technical Manual
IETP Interactive Electronic Technical Publication
IETP-D Interactive Electronic Technical Publication Database
IETP-I Interactive Electronic Technical Publication Integrated
IETP-L Interactive Electronic Technical Publication - Linear
II Image Intensification
ILS Integrated Logistic Support
ILS PO Integrated Logistic Support Projects Office
ILS SOW ILS Statement of Work
ILSM Integrated Logistic Support Manager
ILSMT ILS Management Team
ILSN Integrated Logistic Support Number
ILSP Integrated Logistic Support Plan
IM Insensitive Munitions
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IP Initial Production
IP Initial Provisioning
IPB Initial Provisioning Branch
IPB Illustrated Parts Breakdown
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalogue
IPE Individual Protection Equipment
IPL Initial Provisioning List
IPPN Initial Provisioning Part Number
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IPR In-Process Review
IPSS Initial Provisioning Support System
IPT Integrated Project Team
IPTL Integrated Project Team Leader
IS Initial Support
ISD In Service Date
ISD In-Service Date
ISIS Item of Supply Information System
ISN Item Sequence Number
ISO International Standards Organisation
ISP Integrated Support Plan
ISRD In-Service Reliability Demonstration
ISSP Integrated Supply Support Procedures
ITT Invitation to Tender
IW Individual Weapon
IWSDB Integrated Weapons System Database


JATE   Joint Air Transport Establishment
JSP Joint Service Publication


LCC Life Cycle Cost
LCN Logistic Control Number
LCS Life Cycle Sustainment
LITS Logistics Information Technology Strategy
LLI Long Lead Item
LLTIL Long Lead Items List
LORA Level of Repair Analysis
LRI Line Replaceable (Replacement) Item
LRU Line Replaceable (Replacement) Unit
LSA Logistic Support Analysis
LSA5 Land Service Ammunition 5
LSAP Logistic Support Analysis Plan
LSAR Logistic Support Analysis Record
LSD Logistic Support Data
LSF Logical Software Function
LSOR Land Systems Operational Requirements
LSS Logistics Support System
LSW Light Support Weapon
LTC Long Term Costing
LUE Limited User Evaluation
LWG Logistics Working Group


M Maintenance (Total)
MAC Maintenance Allocation Chart/ Maintenance Action Code
MACMT Mean Active Corrective Maintenance Time
MANPRINT Manpower and Personnel Integration
MaxTTR Maximum Time to Repair
MB Measurement Base
MCCC Main Configuration Control Committee
MDG Multi Disciplinary Group
MDT Mean Down Time
MEP Mission Equipment Package
MER(L) Minor Equipment Requirement (Land)
MET Mean Elapsed Time
MFOP Maintenance Free Operating Period
MHE Mechanical Handling Equipment
MI Model Identification
MICC Material Item Category Code
MILSM Military Integrated Logistic Support Manager
Mil-Std Military Standard
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Encoding
MIS Management Information System
MISCC Material Item Sub-Category Code
MLSAM MOD Logistic Support Analysis Manager
MLU Mid Life Update
MMM Mean Man-Minutes
MMMH Measured Mean Man-Hours
MOAT Multiple Ordnance Assembly and Test
MoD Ministry of Defence
MOD(A) Ministry of Defence (Army)
MOD(PE) Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive)
MODPM MOD Project Manager
MOS Military Occupational Specialty
MPP Maintenance Planning Process
MQT Maintainability Qualification Test
MRB Material Review Board
MRCV Multi Role Combat Vehicle
MRI Master Record Index
MRP II Manufacturing Resources Planning
MRR Maintenance Replacement Rate
M-sensor ”Magnetic”
MSG Maintenance Steering Group
MSI Maintenance Significant Item
MTA Maintenance Task Analysis
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
MTBM Mean Time Between Maintenance
MTBMA Mean Time Between Maintenance Actions
MTBPM Mean Time Between Preventive Maintenance
MTBR Mean Time Between Removals
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
MU Maintenance Unit

N/A Not Applicable
NAF Non Availability Form
NAO National Audit Office
NAPNOC No Agreed Price, No Contract
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NB Nota Bene
NBC Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
NCB National Codification Bureau
NCMD Non - Conformance Material Disposition
NCS NATO Codification System
NDI Non-Development Item
NDT Non Destructive Testing
NET New Equipment Training
NHA Next Higher Assembly
NIIN National Item Identification Number
NLIS Navy Logistics Information System
NOCR Non Operational Computer Resources
NOS Noptel Optical System
NOS SW Noptel Optical Shooting Software
NSCM NATO Supply Code for Manufacture
NSN NTE Nato Stock Number Not To Exceed


O/M Operations and Maintenance
OA Order Administration
OB Ordnance Board
OBUA Operations in Built Up Areas
OC On-condition
OCONUS Outside Continental US
ODCs Other Direct Costs
ODT Outdoor Trainer
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OJT On the Job Training
OOA Out of Area
OOTW Operations other than War
OPS Operational Performance Specification
ORR Overhaul Replacement Rate
OTA Overfly Top Attack
OTP Operational Test Program
OTS Off The Shelf


PAM Pre-Assessment Meeting
PAO Principal Administrative Officer
PBD Price Break Data
PBL Performance Based Logistics
PBoM Production Bill of Material
PBX Plastic Bonded Explosive
PC Personal Computer
PCA Physical Configuration Audit
PCAE Pre-Contract Award Evaluation
PCCN Provisioning Contract Control Number
PD Project Definition
PDM Product Data Management
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDS Post design Services
PE Procurement Executive
PHA Preliminary Hazard Analysis
PHI Preliminary Hazard Identification
PHS&T Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation
PLCE Personal Load Carrying Equipment
PLCS Product Life Cycle Support
PLISN Provisioning List Item Sequence Number
PLT Production Lead Time
PM Preventive Maintenance
PM Publications Module
PM Project Manager
PMCS Preventive Maintenance Checks and Service
POE Point of Embodiment
PP Procurement Planning
PQA Product Quality Audit
PQAT Production Qualification Acceptance test
PRAT Production Reliability Acceptance Test
PRODAT Product Data Message
PRR Production Readiness Review
PSE Project Support Environment
Ptn Platoon
PVT Production Verification Test


QA   Quality Assurance
QAR Quality Assurance Representative
QMG Quartermaster General
QMGI Quartermaster General Instructions
QPA Quantity Per Assembly
QPEI Quantity Per End Item
QRD Q-Readiness Date


R&A Review and Analysis
R&D Research and Development
R&M Reliability and Maintainability
RAC Royal Armoured Corps
RAM Reliability Availability Maintainability
RAMT Reliability Availability Maintainability Testability
RCM Reliability Centred Maintenance
RDD Required Delivery Date
REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
REME(TDT) REME (Training Development Team)
RF Radio Frequency
RFA Royal Fleet Auxiliary
RFC Request for Change
RFP Request For Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotation
RFS Reason for Selection
RGT Reliability Growth Test
RHA Rolled Homogeneous Armour
RLA Repair Level Analysis
RLC Royal Logistic Corps
TDT Training Development Team
RLG Rifle Launched Grenade
RM Royal Marines
RMQ Recommended Maintenance Quantity
RMS Reliability Maintainability Supportability
ROE Rules of Engagement
ROI Return On Investment
ROQ Recommended Overhaul/Repair Quantity
RP Repair Pool
RP Reprovisioning
RPI Routine Periodic Inspection
RQT Reliability Qualification Test
RRC Rigid Raiding Craft
RRPL Recommended Repair Parts List
RSTDSA Requirement may be Subject To the results of Design Safety Assessment


S&TE Support & Test Equipment
S1000D AECMA Specification 1000D
S2000M AECMA Specification 2000M
SA Safe & Arm 
SA Supportability Analysis
SAT Small Arms Trainer
SAU Safety and Arming Unit
SC Shaped Charge
SCCC Subsidiary Configuration Control Committee
SCM Supply Chain Management
SCPT Supply Chain Processing Time
SDC System Difference Code
SDE Shared Data Environment
SDE Software Development Environment
SDP Software Development Plan
SDR System Design Review
SE Support Equipment
SEAE School of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering
SEME School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
SEMP System Engineering Management Plan
SEPP Safety And Environmental Programme Plan
SERD Support Equipment Recommendation Data
SGML Standard Generalised Markup Language
SHA System Hazard Analyses
SHSC Safety Hazard Severity Code
SI Significant Item
SIP Separate Initial Provisioning
SM/D Supplier Management/Development
SME Small to Medium Enterprise
SMR Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability Code
SNIT Special Notices and Instructions to Tenders
SNS Standard Numbering System
SOR Source Of Repair
SOW Statement Of Work
SPC Standard Priority Codes
SPS Specialist Procurement Services
SPS Support Policy Statement
SQR Service Quality Requirement
SR Staff Requirement
SR&FT ShortRange and Field Trainer
SRA Shop Replaceable Assembly
SRD System Requirements Document
SRI Shop Replaceable Item
SRM Solid Rocket Motor
SRR System Requirement Review
SRS Software Requirements Specification
SRU Shop Replaceable Unit
SS System Specification
SSA Software Support Analysis
SSC Skill Speciality Code
SSHA Sub System Hazard Analyses
SSI Structural Significant Item
SSIP Single Shot Incapacitation Probability
SSKP Single Shot Kill Probability
SSPR System Safety Progress review
SSSI Software Support Significant Item
ST Staff Target
STE Software Test Environment
STEP Standard for Exchange of Product Model Data
STTE Special Tools and Test Equipment
SWL Safe Working Load


TAD Target Audience Description
TBC To Be Confirmed
TBD To Be Determined
TDP Technology Demonstrator Programme
TDR Training Design Review
TDSU Training Development & Support Unit
TEI Text Element Identifier
TES Tactical Engagement Simulation
TESEX Tactical Engagement Simulation Exercise
THA Threat Hazard Analyses
TI Thermal Imaging
TLIA Through Life Information Architecture
TLM Through Life Management
TLMF Top Level Marking Framework
TLMP Through Life Management Plan
TM Technical Manual
TMDE Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
TNA Training Needs Analysis
TO Technical Order
TPS Test Programme Set
TRD Training Readiness Date
TRR Test Readiness Review
TRR Training Readiness Review
TS Technical Specification
Ts & Cs Terms and Conditions
TT Target Transponder
TTEL Tools and Test Equipment List
TUL Truck Utility Light
TUM Truck Utility Medium
TUM(HS) Truck Utility Medium (High Specification)


UK United Kingdom
UK NCB United Kingdom National Codification Agency
UKAS UK Accreditation Service
ULS Unit Load Stack
UMC Under Ministry Control
UOC Useable on Code
UOI Unit of Issue
UOM Unit Of Measure
UOR Urgent Operational Requirement
URD User Requirements Document
URS Unit Repair Scale
USMC United States Marine Corps
UT User Test
UTT Unit Tactical Trainer
UUT Unit Under Test


V&V   Verification and Validation
VOP Variation of Price


WARF   Weapon Aiming And Research Facility
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WDA Weapon Danger Area
WES Weapon Effects Simulator
WLC Whole Life Cost
WMR War Maintenance Reserve
WP Work Package
WPL Work Package Leader
WR War Reserve
WR Weapon Replica
wrt With respect to
WUC Work Unit Code


XML   Extensible Markup Language


ZS   Zonal Survey


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